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Donor Advised Fund

Easy to donate via your Donor Advised Fund

Directing a grant from your donor advised fund to support the Minneapolis Rowing Club is very simple.  You will need MRC’s Federal Tax ID number (41-6059126) and mailing address, the Minneapolis Rowing Club, c/o Club Treasurer, PO Box 583102, Minneapolis, MN 55458. 


Minneapolis Rowing Club, Tax-id: 41-6059126
PO Box 583102
Minneapolis, MN 55458

For more information, please email


The Minneapolis Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

Physical Address: Mailing Address: Club Administrator:
2968 West River Pkwy PO Box 583102 Jen Sowins
Minneapolis, MN 55406 Minneapolis, MN 55458 612-469-7999
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