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In Case of Emergency: Dial 911

Current Safety Rowing Level:  ORANGE (4 oars min in boat (ie: 2x or bigger), bow IV, 4+yrs W/Launch)

4/21/2021, 9am: cfs: 25,250 temp: 45.6
Set according to Safety Matrix

Safety Level History


Table of Contents

Rowing Safety Information

The Minneapolis Rowing Club maintains a set of Rules and Regulations that encourage and enforce a safe rowing environment at our home club/course and while visiting other locations.

It is expected that all MRC rowers, their guests and visitors, be familiar with the traffic pattern and follow all recommended safety procedures.

Covid-19 Procedures

MRC Covid-19 procedures HERE

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Safety Matrix

MRC has established a safety matrix outlining the various conditions of the Mississippi River and what rowing is allowed.
See  Safety Matrix

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Lake Rowing Safety

MRC may use alternative rowing locations that are lake based.  MRC has safety guidelines for lake conditions.
See Lake Rowing Safety-2021

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Emergency Action Plan

See Emergency Action Plan   

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MRC Safety Manual

MRC Safety Manual PDF of Safety Manual w/Appendices - 2021

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Low Light Rowing

MRC  Low Light Policy 2021

When is Sunrise/Sunset Times

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USRowing Safety Video and Coast Guard Cold Water Video

USRowing publishes an important/mandatory viewing safety video HERE

Coast Guard Cold Water safety video/Boot camp HERE

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Mississippi-MRC river maps and traffic patterns


MRC rows in the Mississippi Gorge area.  From Lower St. Anthony Lock and Dam to Ford Dam/Lock #1.

View Google Earth tour RIVER TOUR HERE

(FYI: uses Google WebGL, your browser/firewall may block)

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